Will You Abide by the Rules

For example, if you follow a judge`s decision, follow a judge`s instructions. Sticking to a friend`s wishes means doing what that friend wants to do. “To conform to it” means to obey or obey something. Later, in the 1300s, the word abide was first used. Originally, it was used without the word by as part of its phrase, but now people will rarely use “stay” alone. You don`t have to like the rules, but you have to stick to them. It is a tool in every parent`s toolbox. Children don`t like rules. That`s ok. You don`t have to like them. But you have to follow the rules. You have to follow the rules.

Here is a concrete example for me. My company has determined that we require all candidates to submit a video of themselves answering questions before they can be interviewed. Some people liked this decision, others thought it was not a good idea. But we all have to stick to the decision, and now all candidates submit video interviews before we do live interviews. An old definition of housing is “living” – think of dwelling, as well as “living”. If you follow the rules, it means that you will live with them and follow them. If you can`t stand your sister`s shrill violin, it means you can`t live with it, you can`t be home when she practices. You stick to something you don`t like, like your teacher`s long math stories. It`s not a pleasant experience, but what choice do you have? There are many different ways to use the phrase to stick to it. All meanings have to do with continuing in a certain way. Whenever you stick to something, you follow things in their current state. You don`t try to change things or act drastically, even if you don`t agree.

They promised to respect the rules of the competition. The Old English word abidan, from which the word abide comes from, means to wait or to stay. Also, bidan means waiting or delaying time. These words were already used before the 1200s. Abide means “to live or be able to accept it.” If you can`t stick to something, it means you can`t stand it. If you can handle it, it means you can live with it. Sticking with something can mean waiting for something to happen. It can also mean doing something without questioning it, such as following or following rules. Staying can also mean tolerating something unpleasant or something you don`t agree with. To accept a rule or act on a recommendation is to stick to it. When a judge makes a decision, you must comply with his or her decision.

If your parents set a curfew, you`ll be in trouble if you don`t comply. This expression comes from the verb to hold, which today means “to tolerate”, although it originally meant “to wait”, from a root that means “to stay, to wait or to remain”. You can comply with a court order. If two parents are divorced, a court can determine which parent can see the children on which days of the week or for what percentage of the time. Parents must comply with the court`s decision. They may not always like the family court decision, but they have to abide by it because it is the law. If the court says that parents must alternate for weeks, then parents must comply with the decision and take turns spending time with their children. In addition to following the rules of something, you can stick to the things people say. You can stick to a decision. Those of us who work for large companies have to stick to decisions all the time. As pure employees, we do not have the opportunity to make all the decisions ourselves.

We may not like the decisions made by the company, but we have to stick to them. We must behave in such a way that the decision is respected. If Justice Judy makes a decision, you must respect it. In the television series “Judge Judy”, Judy Sheindlin is not a real judge and the trial is not a real trial. Those involved in the “cases” agreed in advance to abide by Justice Judy`s decision. She is an arbitrator; Their job is to resolve disputes. Both parties agreed that they would respect Justice Judy`s decision, even if they disagreed. And yes, they all know it`s not a real court, but they`re willing to stick to the decision anyway. Nowadays, it`s more common to say, stick to it. For example, while it was common to say, “We will stay with him,” it would now be more common to say, “We stand by what he says.” To comply with something means to act in accordance with the stated rules, instructions, or desires.

Another common use is to say that I can`t stick to something. For example, if you say, “I can`t stick to a messy kitchen,” it shows that you want the kitchen to be tidy. Today`s English expression is “keep by”. It is a phrasal verb that we always use with an object and it usually means to obey or follow something. You can respect rules, respect a decision, respect a judgment. And it simply means that we follow the rules or act in such a way that a decision is respected. When you stick to something, you obey or follow a rule. If you don`t follow the rules at school, you could end up in the principal`s office. Yes! Instead of hovering your mouse over a highlighted word, just tap on it. And that`s it for today`s lesson on Thursday, August 12, 2021.

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