Requisitos Legales Para Abrir Una Empresa En Paraguay

For companies that wish to engage in long-term investment and larger, more comprehensive projects in Paraguay, setting up a branch abroad can be a very wise choice, as the company can be wholly owned by foreign interests. This allows a little more freedom in hiring staff and selecting directors. However, it should be noted the following: Choose your legal representative: If you will not be permanently in the country, you will need to appoint a legal representative in Paraguay. It can be any adult who is not prevented from performing this function, but ideally, he should appoint someone who is familiar with the local legal framework. The procedure is very simple. Before initiating proceedings in Suace, the entrepreneur must contact the Ministry of Industry and Trade to obtain the “investor certificate”, which in some cases is issued on the same day. This procedure consists of an interview and registration with the Ministry with the aim of speeding up all subsequent procedures in the context of a productive investment project in the country. This certificate shortened the time to grant Paraguayan identity from up to 60 days to just five days. Although Paraguay is not one of Latin America`s best-known investment or business destinations, it has an open economy with a low tax system and has introduced reforms in its immigration system that shorten the length of stay. Therefore, starting a business in Paraguay is not only easy, but also a great opportunity for business leaders looking to expand their business presence in an unsaturated market. Tags: Legal entities | Company structure | Creation of a | company Business opportunities| Business Forms This certificate allows the entrepreneur to carry out all the procedures for opening the business in one physical place. In Suace, you will receive the documents of the Treasury Board, the Public Register of Commerce (Register of Natural and Legal Persons and Public Register of Commerce), the Register of Uniform Taxpayers (RUC), the Commercial Patent and the License of the Town Hall.

However, the very fact that the nation is so neglected in terms of foreign direct investment means that the country is mature and ready for an influx of financial and administrative support to truly realize the immense potential that the country has. The export side of the U.S. government offers an interesting analysis of the Paraguayan market. In their “Market Snapshot”, they highlight the exceptionally high contribution of the services sector to the economy (62.6%) and the enormous profitability of the agricultural export sector (US$11.2 billion – 2016) in a country that is the world`s largest exporter of organic sugar and the sixth largest producer of soybeans. In addition, you can obtain the permanent or temporary residence permit in Paraguay, the registration of employees of companies and the employer himself with the Institute of Social Health and the registration of workers and entrepreneurs with the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security. What to expect: If you wish to withdraw your consent and stop listening to us, simply click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email we send you or contact us at We value and respect your personal data and will do everything we can to protect it. By submitting this form, you agree that we may process and use your data in accordance with the conditions set out in our Privacy Policy. Specifically, the documents and procedures required to set up a business in Paraguay are: These requirements vary slightly for each legal/corporate structure. Below we will see the most important ones and their specific requirements.

Adobe Reader 9 Free Adobe Reader installer for reading and editing digital forms Once your business is registered and your bank account opened, you can now make your initial investment to complete the process of setting up a business in Paraguay. Depending on the type of business you operate in or your geographical base, your legal representative in Paraguay can advise you on the best provider to choose your business account. 3.  INFO IN THIS LINK4. Abogacãa del Tesoro: Before this workshop, if there is hará el Registry of Companies. MORE info at this link5.  â más info in this link6. National Customs Directorate (DNA): Registration as an importer corresponds to the exporter. MORE info at this link7. Municipalities: Commercial administration of patents and commercial licenses. Baje los formularios aquÃ8.  Requires in this linkCã©dula MipymesInfo in this link9.

We have other institutions such as SEDECO, DNVS, SENACSA, SENAVE, MAG, INTN, APA INAN, SEAM, whose procedures are applied accordingly for certain items/activities. Respect registrations and registrations from the day of the start of the activities, avoid fines and setbacks, so it is very important to respect all these analyzed steps and advise correctly, so as not to leave any detail aside. Paraguay could grow by 3 per cent in 2016, according to forecasts by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). This is higher than the expected average of 0.2% for Latin America as a whole. Given such a favorable scenario, how to open a business in Paraguay? Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest business news and advice on starting a business, legal entity compliance, accounting, back office, and tax requirements. 3.â â â â ire Resimple: for companies that invoice up to Gs. 80,000,000 per year±. You pay a fixed quarterly amount based on the declared income and according to the following table: In addition to the capital Asunción, Suace opened regional offices in other cities in 2014 to facilitate the process of opening a business. The benefit also benefits those living in a neighboring country, as offices have been opened in border towns in Brazil and Argentina. The second most important company is the SRL or limited liability company (SRL). The LLC is very popular because the model offers a lot of protection for the investor`s contribution.

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