Representante Legal En Personas Naturales

No matter what type of business you have, any business that wants to start operations in Chile must have a legal representative registered with the Internal Revenue Service. Legal representation is usually granted by authentic deed, although this is not always required. It should be emphasized that the legal representative coincides in all types of legal entities that our legal system allows, so there must be an RL in any joint-stock company, public or private company, limited liability company, limited partnership, family micro-enterprise and sole proprietorship with limited liability. Commercial companies, but in general, the representative can sign contracts, assume obligations, fulfill them, claim the rights of the represented person, etc. Does the legal representative have or has the legal right to receive money, salary, fees or commission? What happens if this information is not provided in a letter regarding the acceptance of legal representation at the Chamber of Commerce upon taking office? Regardless of the types of businesses you can set up in Chile and their main characteristics, all businesses must take legal responsibility. Any company, foreign or private, wishing to start operations in Chile must have at least one legal representative registered with the Internal Revenue Service. The legal representative of a company is a person who has the legal recognition to act on behalf of another natural or legal person. In the case of a natural person, the representative acts as an agent; In the case of a legal person, the representative may be the director or director of the corporation. Although it is assumed that the managing director is the legal representative of the company, this is not necessarily the case, as the managing director has the function of managing the company and sometimes he is also appointed to legally represent the company.

In this case, the legal representative to the SII has the following tasks: According to this law, all Chilean or foreign natural persons who reside abroad and wish to obtain an ORT and carry out an activity in Chile must appoint a legal representative (or a representative residing or domiciled in Chile). Hello, I would like to remove a doubt about the requirements to be the legal representative of a natural person. I will give an example: in a meeting of owners, a person who belongs to the board has the power of an owner, immediately becomes a legal representative or must comply with certain rules? In order to change the legal representative, it is necessary to make an amendment to the statutes, which we explain here. In the case of the appointment of a legal representative located outside Chile, the procedure must be conducted before the authorities or clergy of the country in which the person to be appointed as representative is located. This document must be validated by the Chilean consul of that country or by the competent authority if the country does not have a Chilean consul. The legal representative of the company must be elected by the competent social or administrative body, such as the board of directors or the general meeting. As explained above, legal representation may be composed of both natural and legal persons, and in any case the legal representative acts on behalf of his representative, so that he obliges him, as long as he does not exceed the parameters and conditions of the delegation entrusted to him. The legal representative is the person who acts in the interest and on behalf of another person and who has an impact on the legal relationship of that person (the represented person). In general, the legal representative is the same general manager of the company who provides legal representation and operational and financial management of the company, but this is not always the case. You can do this at any notary throughout Chile through a public deed or a private deed approved before a notary.

In any case, the most important thing is to prove the identity of the representative with the passport or identity card. The main function of entrepreneurs is not only to promote their entrepreneurial spirit, but also to know how to delegate functions to achieve their objectives set at the beginning of the year. Therefore, the figure of the legal representative results. Legal representation allows the delegate to assume the activities, duties and rights of the represented or authorized representative; who manages and sells them in accordance with the conditions agreed upon when the representation was established. Can the legal representative sell a business even if he or she is not the owner? Legal representation is generally distinguished from contractual representation (because it results from the contract of (mandate)). Depending on the terminology of different legal systems, it may or may not cover the case of representation delegated by the courts under the law. Thus, the representation of the orphaned minor by a court-appointed guardian may also be considered a matter of legal representation or another category of judicial representation. The change of legal representative is done according to the same steps as your initial order. Once the partners have approved the change, the following steps must be followed: The main characteristics of the legal representative are as follows: The documents must be confirmed before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, a fundamental step to prove the authenticity and legal validity of the document in Chile.