Portland State University Student Legal Services

In addition to legal advice, SLS also offers a variety of educational programs to support students interested in legal careers. Learn more about our educational programs. A: Explore the Law is offered over two semesters each year. Currently, the program runs during the winter and spring semesters, with applications and student interviews for the program taking place in the previous fall semester. The sessions offered in the first and second semesters of the program are unique, and a student cannot complete the program without attending both semesters. A: PS 320 Explore the Law is the class in the course catalog that enrolls those who choose ETL for academic credit. Registration for PS 320 is by appointment only, and only students who have already been accepted into the program can enrol in this course. Instead of trying to enroll for credits or contacting the Department of Political Science prior to admission, please complete our application. We will ensure that all students in the program who wish to earn credits have the necessary authorizations to enroll before the add/drop deadline. All Portland State University students are eligible as long as they: Applications for this program are open to all PSU students, regardless of their major. Current PSU students from all majors are invited to apply for Explore the Law.

Undergraduates, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students are all eligible for the program. We recommend attending Explore the Law if possible, but students of all classes are welcome and eligible. Student Legal Services provides FREE legal assistance to current PSU students. Our team of lawyers provides advice, representation and advice on many legal issues. Learn more about the legal issues we can help you with. (This list is not exhaustive, if you are not sure if your case qualifies, fill out our general admission form and we will let you know!) Our articling students work closely with legal staff in a variety of cases. A: Explore the Law is a free program for students who do not apply for college credits. If you choose to pursue college credits through the Department of Political Science, you will be required to pay for those credits through the department.

The decision whether or not to take credits is up to you, however, credits are calculated like any other class and affect the cost of the program. We always recommend that students speak to their academic advisors to determine if the program is most valuable to them when taken for academic or non-credit credits. The program requirements are the same whether you opt for credits or not. PSU students and staff can pick up their FREE copy at the Smith Memorial Student Union Information Hub or view our online version! Our resource page provides links and information on a variety of topics, including resources for those who may not be eligible for SLS services. We recently added additional information for protesters and legal resources related to COVID-19. Join the Explore the Law (ETL) program that connects UAP students with lawyers and others in the legal field, helping them prepare for law school and beyond. This is a two-semester program that may be eligible for academic credit. Learn more about ETL. ETL includes weekly sessions with guest speakers and panel discussions on topics such as law school admission, Federal Court careers, law school funding, LSAT preparation, etc. Professional networking is a goal of this program and there will be ample opportunities for students in the program to meet and hear from people in the legal field, including lawyers, judges, policy makers, paralegals, law students and other legal professionals. Wondering if you`re eligible for SLS? Please visit Who We Can Help. To receive assistance during the summer semester, students must either: Before opting for notarial services, please read our notarial policies and rates To request an appointment with a Student Legal Services lawyer, complete the appropriate admission form below.

Once you receive your form, our team will review it and make sure you are eligible for our services, perform our required conflict checks and confirm that your case is something we can help you with. We will contact you (usually within 1-3 business days) to schedule an appointment. Visit PSU Student Legal Services and La Casa Latina for “Pan y Cafecito with a Lawyer,” where students can meet Oregon Latinx lawyers and judges in an informal setting.