Police Legal Counsel Jobs

IACP is seeking undergraduate and graduate students with a background in criminal justice, law enforcement, communications, public administration or a related field for potential internships. If you are interested in working for an organization that does not currently have an open position, you may submit a resume and cover letter outlining your interest and outlining your relevant experience for that organization. Please contact the experienced contact person of the organization hiring an attorney or the appropriate U.S. attorney`s office for information on the firm`s acceptance of unsolicited resumes. Law enforcement is a noble profession and a rewarding career choice for anyone who wants to give back to the community. Find out why a career in policing might be right for your talents and interests. The fellowship program is designed to maximize the exposure of active law enforcement agencies to law enforcement policy issues globally. All judicial organizations publish their job offers of experienced lawyers on this site. You can search for vacancies by hiring component, geographic region and/or field of activity. If you are interested in a currently vacant lawyer position, please apply directly to the hiring organization and follow the application instructions in the job posting. Now is a great time to explore a career at IACP. Located in Alexandria, Virginia and St. Paul, Minnesota, IACP offers competitive salaries, excellent benefits and a fantastic work environment.