Nombre D`heures Legales De Travail

The applicable consideration is provided for in an agreement or arrangement between the company, firm or branch. In exceptional cases, your employer may authorise you to work up to 60 hours per week, provided that he has obtained authorisation from the labour inspectorate and the Economic and©Social Committee© has given© its opinion on the application for authorisation (6). In addition, young workers under the age of 18 are required to take a break of at least 30 consecutive minutes as soon as their daily working time exceeds 4.30 a.m. (L. 3162-3 of the Labour Code). In Reims (CCAS of Reims, Community of Greater Reims and City of Reims), trade union action paved the way for this period. An unprecedented inter-union merger of the CFDT, the CGT, the SA FPT and the UFICT-CGT (union of executives A and B of the CGT). Contrary to its national and local positions (see in particular Paris and Châtellerault), FO remains outside this inter-union. In a context of Covid-19, teleworking and school holidays, and in an EPCI of 143 municipalities (1,500 km²), the inter-union has attracted more than 1,400 agents and executives to sign their petition in support of their cause. At the request of the employer, subject to the approval of the labour inspector, the law determines the various public holidays and rest periods that the employee may use. The rest period between 2 working days must be at least 11 hours, and a weekly rest period of 24 hours is mandatory. In principle, the day of rest is Sunday, but there are many exceptions.

Indeed, the employee may be entitled to 2 types of leave: paid leave and special leave. Each employee is entitled to 2.5 days of leave per month of work, i.e. 30 working days per year. Working days refer to traditional working days, especially Monday to Friday, as opposed to non-working days, which correspond to weekends, rest days and public holidays. The employer determines the use of paid leave. The employee may not take more than 24 consecutive days of leave. Summary Companies concerned Employees concerned Calculate the legal duration The different working hours Minimum working time per day Calculation of 1607 annual working hours Work more than 48 hours and risks Who. Hello, I would like to come to you to have a little clarification.

In my company, overtime is annualized and at the end of the year, my employer charges 1607 hours of work to calculate my overtime count. The problem is that I write every hour on a diary and calculate overtime at the end of each week and I can`t find the same number of hours as my employer for 2019. I only worked 88 hours of overtime for my employer, while I worked 120 hours of overtime. There is a difference of 32 hours and other colleagues of mine find the same difference.