My Legal Studio Review

Each company has its own daily work ordered. Whether your ongoing legal requirements include customer contracts, supplier agreements, agency contracts or anything else, we have the experience and ability to manage them, regardless of your size. At Seiter Legal Studio, our mission is to provide our clients with the best service for all their intellectual property needs. We greatly appreciate your company and would like to invite you to leave a comment of your experience with us. 60 1:1 minutes lawyer/client phone or Zoom meeting *A credit card must be deposited and will be charged on the first of each month. All our subscriptions are from month to month. Each plan may be terminated upon 30 days` written notice. As our firm continues to strive to provide excellent service, we look forward to your feedback. The SRA was informed that a member of the public was also contacted by a person claiming to be “Christina Maltezou” who claimed to be a lawyer with “Legal Studio and Consult” about a fraudulent investment in cryptocurrencies. The member of the public was informed that the money is with the FCA and that “Christina Maltezou” needs a power of attorney and a 20% payment.

We are a corporate and commercial firm with roots in Silicon Valley, designed to serve investors, entrepreneurs and start-ups and to assist large corporate clients in their global corporate work. Like many of our customers, we are lean and semi-virtual, so you get coastal service at Midwest prices. Learn more about our areas of activity below and write us a message to say hello if you want to know more. If your business needs to expand or you`ve decided it`s time to sell, we`ll guide you through the acquisition process and make sure you get the most out of every transaction. Trust our know-how to offer you sophistication and quality at low corporate prices. Not all companies need external funding, but those who want lawyers who understand the dynamics between investors and founders and the basic needs of each individual. We distinguish ourselves by finding common ground in negotiations and reaching agreements in a cost-effective manner. Our experience allows us to choose a business type and governance structure that meets the needs of founders and future stakeholders. For socially responsible founders, we also offer flat-rate and tailored benefits company packages for new and existing businesses.

The document is stamped “Legal Studio and Consult Law Office”. Software and technology touch every aspect of our lives. Our deep roots in the software industry and the representation of technology companies have made us experts in preparing SaaS agreements, software license agreements, terms of use, and privacy policies for websites and mobile apps. The document misuses the name and mailing address of a real law firm (see below). A document was sent by Legal Studio and Consult claiming to be a “legal services contract” for “procedural activities in the FCA office in relation to damages from fraudulent trading companies”. A document was falsely sent claiming to come from “Legal Studio and Consult” regarding alleged damage to crypto-currencies. If you are a company looking to establish itself in the United States, take advantage of our experience in representing international clients. We also work with some of the world`s most innovative law firms to provide their clients with high-level expertise in corporate and M&A work in the United States.