Ministerio Del Interior Paraguay Legalizaciones

Legalization: If the document comes from a country that is not a party to the Convention, it must have the action of the Paraguayan consulate originally and then be legalized by the Directorate of Legalizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To order the Paraguayan passport in addition to paying the procedure in the Department of Identification, you must pay for legalizations from the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE). The Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs has an innovative system that allows you to manage your apostilles and legalizations with international validity remotely, without leaving your home and respecting the requirements of national and international documentary legality through the platform “Trámites a Distancia” (TAD): apostilles and legalizations with international validity issued by Argentina Apostilles. International validity cannot expire in > All Paraguayans and foreigners, adults and minors, are required to register their entry and exit from the country. Cristian Leguizamón, director of legalizations at MRE, said passport legalizations have not increased and will continue at the current level. On the other hand, he recalled that when it comes to minors` documents, in addition to legalization, they need an apostille, the cost of which is 176,102 G (two minimum wages). You can also use the consular activity of a third country of origin (for example, consulate or embassy of Argentina or Brazil in Bangladesh), then at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that third country (Argentina or Brazil), at the Paraguayan consulate in that third country and finally at the Directorate of Legalization of the MRE. If your request is not taken into account in the previous sections, you can contact us via the mail on weekdays from 8am to 5pm. Law No.

1.030/97 amending and extending Law No. 133/93 “Update of legalization fees and consular fees, established by Legislative Decree No. 46/72”. However, the receiving agency may require that the documents issued be issued within a certain period, for which new documents must be managed and therefore new apostilles or legalizations with international validity. Apostils and legalizations with international validity issued by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs have the form of an electronic document in PDF format beginning with the letters “CE”. that have the underlying document as an “embedded file” (attachment) that can be viewed via the attachment icon (as a movie clip). In order to obtain the Paraguayan passport, the presentation of the original valid identity card is required; Presentation of the Certificate of Tax Compliance (C.C.T.), the proof issued by the Secretary of State for Taxation that he is not subject or the certificate of compliance with tax regulations (to be downloaded from the website of SET-Marangatu) in accordance with the provisions of General Resolution No. 3/13 of the SET. What happens if there is no Paraguayan consulate in the country of origin of my document and he is not a member of the apostille? The Paraguayan apostille is intended exclusively for use abroad and is not valid at the national level. At the Palace of Justice, the document is legalized by the General Secretariat of the Supreme Court (this unit is located on the ground floor of the Palace of Justice). In the case of judicial districts in the interior of the country, legalization is carried out by the secretary of the board of directors or, if this is not possible, one of the secretaries of the courts of appeal. (Article 1 of Agreement No 387) You can apostille or legalize your document throughout the country.

In agreement between the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Council of Argentine Notaries (CFNA), all notarial schools in the country can issue / authorize apostilles and legalizations with international validity and can process them on documents of the same jurisdiction, without the need to legalize the Ministry of the Interior beforehand. You can contact the colleges of notaries to find out the requirements and modalities of the procedures: CFNA – COLLEGES OF NOTARIES All documents not included in the previous sections and issued by a provincial authority or CABA on paper with handwritten signature must first be legalized by the MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR Once these procedures have been completed, You must contact the Customs Department with the document received. External relations. (1) District Court and/or corresponding juvenile court. 6) RECORDS RELATING TO THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE. Certificate of studies, diplomas, analysis, study program, college and university certificates, thesis: Public documents issued by the Argentine authorities or Argentine organizations, both in electronic form with digital signature (provided that they correspond to the corresponding signature chain) and on paper with handwritten signature (only in cases where the issuing body does not have a digital signature service or does not have a digital signature service). digital signature). can certify another higher authority in a digital document way) What is the procedure if my document is foreign? Documents issued by foreign consuls accredited in our country must be consulted by email at weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Do not modify files with digital signatures, as they may be “corrupted”. Also, do not include scans of printouts of these files, as this eliminates the electronic nature of the document. 2) Legalizations of the Ministry of Education and Science Documents issued to the Argentine consular office must bear the digital signature of the Acting Consular Authority in order to be valid in Argentina, i.e.

self-sufficient, without the need for further intervention by this Ministry.